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Use short-term loans responsibly!

Sonic Cash has the ability to connect you with over 60 short-term lenders that often can make a real-time decision about providing you a loan.


What kind of lenders can Sonic Cash
match me with?

Sonic Cash works with many types of lenders and each offers different types of loan products. Most of these lenders offer short-term loans that are meant to last about 2 to 4 weeks, depending on which lender you are matched with.

Those who are approved are often offered somewhere between $300 – $1000 depending on factors like your monthly income, how long you have had your job, etc. These loans are also sometimes referred to as payday loans, cash advance loans, payday advances, etc.

In addition, to better serve the needs of our customers, SonicCash has also partnered with lenders that offer other types of loan products, such as: installment loans, lines of credit, title loans, and auto equity loans.

How much do I have to pay back?
What is the APR?

Since Sonic Cash is not a lender, we are not able to provide or advertise the actual terms, rates, annual percentage rates (APRs), or fees associated with the loan you may receive. The reason for this is that the terms, rates, APRs and fees vary from lender to lender.

If we are able to match you with a lender, you will be shown this information by that lender when we connect you with them.

Please review this information carefully and make sure that you understand how much money you will receive and how much you are required to payback.

Each lender should provide its loan terms clearly and in a way that is easy to understand. If you do not understand the terms of the loan or don’t agree with them (including the APR), do not continue or agree to the terms and do not provide your electronic signature.

  • Disclaimer: This website does not constitute an offer or solicitation to lend. is not a lender and does not make loans or credit decisions. provides a matching service only and is not acting as a representative, agent, or correspondent for any of the lenders we contract with. does not control and is not responsible for the actions or inactions of any lender. does not endorse any particular lender or loan product. You are under no obligation to use SonicCash's service to initiate contact, or apply for credit with any of the lenders. This service is not available in all States and the service availability and scope are subject to change without notice. Subject to our Privacy Policy, will transfer your information to lenders in our program and other service providers and marketing companies with which we do business. does not guarantee that completing an application form will result in your being matched with a lender, being offered a loan product with satisfactory rates or terms, or receiving a loan from a lender.
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